Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meeting 1 - Minutes

Many thanks to all who came to the meeting today. As we discussed we will run this as a mini construction project. The intention being to leave a 'gift' behind for Richview in the form of a domed room.
In order to make the project a reality we have to finalize the design, raise funds, agree a site, secure materials, secure tools and ensure adequate insurances etc are in place.

The basic design is for a 4m x 4m domed space, bearing on 4 low arches. Buttressing to these arches will take the form of walls to either side of the arches.

Progress to date:.
  • We have received preliminary assistance from Michael Ramage in the Architecture department in Cambridge, who will be giving more comprehensive advice as he receives information.
  • We have begun talking to Peter Brunner, an excellent young Irish Structural Engineer who will be available to help us design issues relating to foundation pads etc.
  • We envisage 2-3 weeks of preliminary work including securing funding and materials and 2 weeks on site.
  • Works on the logistics relating to the project will be assigned at each meeting
  • Work on site will proceed in 2-3 person teams.

  • Fiona and Suzy - Tag / General fund-raising wizardry
  • Elaine - Investigating sources / prices of British Gypsum Casting Plaster as detailed by MIT for laying the first course
  • Philip - Checking on sources of thin ply to use as the temporary support to the arches on which the dome will bear.
  • Carthage / StJohn - investigating sources for tools, with particular emphasis on the building lab in UCD
  • Dina - looking for a 3m metal pole
  • Alex - checking into sources of concrete
  • Andrew / Ryan / Colm - We will meet Hugh, Michael and others in Richview early next week to agree a site and general admin issues related to the project. The next meeting will be organized to immediately follow this. We will also be liaising with Michael Ramage and Peter Brunner to work up the design of foundations and buttressing. This will enable us to bring more comprehensive drawings of the project for general discussion.

Everyone else is not off the hook though! Keep your thinking caps on, particularly as regards raising funds to cover our costs.

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