Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brick Slips

We met with Dermot Kelly and Ciaran O'Reilly of Lagan Bricks to agree the bricks to be used for the project. From the options presented we chose a smooth-faced red brick.
As the slips are cut from full bricks they will each have a cut and a smooth face. In addition the slip from the back of the brick will have a different texture to the slip from the front. Lagan will batch separately so that the lower (exposed) course of the arches and dome can be completed in a consistent finish.
Lagan will be commencing fabrication of the brick slips tomorrow. the first delivery to site will take place lat next week. Lagan also intend to give a workshop on the history and technology of brick-making, the date for this will be confirmed later.

1 comment:

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