Friday, September 25, 2009

Site Works - 20th September

Many thanks to Mark Halpin for these images.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Site Works Aug.31 - Sep.5

We now have completed all of the necessary brickwork to proceed with the dome!

We have placed an additional timber guide within the structure to aid in the correct positioning of the tiles for the dome. This guide represents the line of 1/2 of the dome (or 1/4 of a sphere) from springing point to oculus.

The dome tiles are cut to fit with the arches and laid out prior to plastering and placement.

The first layer of tiles is laid with a mix of pure gypsum plaster which is mixed in small batches immediately prior to laying as it hardens quickly in 1-2 minutes.

These tiles are laid in correct position by triangulating the line off of the timber guide. With practice the tile placement has become much quicker and cleaner.

The second layer of dome tiling is laid with concrete and set at a diagonal angle relative to the first tile layer. The dome gains strength through this process of lamination while breaking the joints.

Doming will proceed all week.