Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting 02 - Minutes

Thanks to all who came to the meeting on Thursday.

Progress to date:.

  • Our Fundraising Table Quiz is set for Tuesday evening at 4 Dame Lane. We expect all of our group members to be there with a team each! Thank you to all of the quiz night sponsors including :

  • The First Draft of our domed room design is being reviewed by our structural consultants. Michael Ramage and Peter Brunner
  • About the House will be filming the construction of our room for a segment on their program
  • We will be holding the first building workshop for the group and beginning the setting out of the project on Thursday the 23rd at 2:00pm. In order to participate in the remainder of the construction process all group members must attend on Thursday. Please inform us if you will be unable to attend.
  • Our site has been chosen with the assistance of Michael Murphy of the building lab on the corner of the field between the 4th year studio and the building lab.
  • The required bricks and brick slips have been generously donated by Dermot Kelly of Lagan Bricks


  • Please consult the programme to the right hand side of the page for regular programme updates as it evolves. Provisionally we have:
  • Wednesday 22nd, the site will be strimmed and 3 members will assist Michael Murphy with a quarry run for sand and gravel
  • Thursday 23rd, first building workshop for the entire group, setting out the site. Mandatory attendance.
  • Monday 27th, Construction teams begin work on foundation excavation. Schedule to be agreed.
  • Thursday 30th, Rebar and foundation pouring.


  • GROUP – Spread the word about the table quiz!
  • GROUP – put up posters and distribute publicity on our sponsors
  • GROUP – photograph all aspects of the process as things move forward.
  • GROUP – Please email us if you have any construction experience as we need to set up our construction teams.
  • Fiona Suzy Ryan Andrew and Colm- Quiz questions and organization
  • Elaine - Investigating sources / prices of British Gypsum Casting Plaster and strimming (weed wacking..) the site in preparation for Thursday’s workshop.
  • Carthage – will be setting up the time lapse photography and finding a location in the planning offices. First photographs to be taken by Wednesday’s site clearing.
  • Anne Nielsen – is our member in charge of documentation and regular photography. To begin taking photos now.
  • Alex Doran, David LedWith, Conor McGowan to go on Quarry run with Michael Murphy on Wednesday at Lunch
  • Simon Canz – to purchase 3no. builders’ shovels, 2no. buckets, and builders’string for the Thursday workshop
  • Philip – (still) Checking on sources of ply to use as the temporary support to the arches on which the dome will bear.
  • Dina – (still) looking for a 3m metal pole
  • Ryan, Andrew, Colm – Continue to liaise with Michael Ramage and Peter Brunner to work up the design of foundations and buttressing.

Keep up the good work!

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