Saturday, August 1, 2009

Site Works - 31 July

We finished the formwork for the concrete by placing the boxes to cast the upstands on the pads. These up-stands will provide an edge for the arches to spring from. Great care was required to get all the boxes located accurately. This was done using triangulation off the central pole and lots of patience.
The threatened rain didn't materialise, but we were anxious to place the concrete as quickly as we could. With Dermots team working two mixers there was a steady stream of barrowloads of concrete to the site.
Dermot gave further demonstrations as the concrete was poured in using a poker to vibrate it to an even consistency.
By the end of the day 4 all pads and trenches were poured and the site and all tools cleaned. We meet on Tuesday to start work to get ready for making the arches.

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